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Cheer & Dance

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TourneyWire's cheerleading and dance competition services allow electronic scoring and tabulation of results at tournaments. Panel judges and tech judges may submit their scores, deductions, and comments electronically via laptop computer, mobile computers like Chromebooks, and/or tablets/iPads. They just need an internet connection and a web browser. There is no software to download or install of any kind!

TourneyWire has support for IHSA, ICCA, IESA, and GHSA scoresheets for cheerleading and dance, and TourneyWire is interested in adding support for even more types of contests in the future. The service is widely available for invitational contests, and you may place an order online. You can also view a calendar of contests that are using TourneyWire.

Here is the service pricing scale for the 2023-2024 competition season for cheer and dance meets:

0-5 performances = $80
6-10 performances = $100
11-14 performances = $120
15-17 performances = $140
18-20 performances = $160
21-24 performances = $180
25-29 performances = $200
30-35 performances = $220
36-43 performances = $240
44-50 performances = $260
51-57 performances = $280
58-64 performances = $300
65-71 performances = $320
72-80 performances = $340
81-90 performances = $360
91-100 performances = $380
101-110 performances = $400
111+ performances = $420

Currently, the way that the system gets set up is that you, as the competition manager, send your final performance order, with the division/class of each squad noted, as well as a list of your officials, by local ID number. They will use their ID number to log in. Also, the manager sends a list of what classes/divisions each official is on the panel to judge, and the manager must indicate which officials are the head judges and if they are scoring the performances along with the panel judges. The performance schedule should be sent in as final a form as possible, so sending it a few days before the contest is generally best.

The service is entirely web-based. The officials score the tournament through web-enabled devices (computers, tablets, iPads, etc.) and the scores go directly into the system which you can have a head judge review, and then tournament management (either the manager or a designated clerk) can print results and/or scoresheets. This should be done at an internet-connected workstation with a printer connected. Only one station needs printer access.

The system requires that all adjudicators have computers/tablets with internet connections at all times. The system is web-based, so an internet connection is required. Additionally, tech officials will need at least one internet-connected workstation. If you are at all uncertain that you will be able to have internet connectivity for the workstations during the contest, I would advise you to be cautious in deciding to use the service. It is important that you are comfortable with the internet connectivity requirement before you decide to use the service.

If you have any questions about these services, please email Ben Stewart, founder and owner of TourneyWire, at

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