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IHSA Cheer Sectional - Edwardsville (H.S.)
IHSA Cheer Sectional - Grayslake (North)
IHSA Cheer Sectional - Lemont (H.S.)
IHSA Cheer Sectional - Mahomet (M.-Seymour)
IHSA Cheer Sectional - Skokie (Niles West)
IHSA Cheer State Final 2019

IHSA Cheer Sectional - Edwardsville (H.S.)

Competition order: Large, Small 1, Medium, Small 2
Coaches' meeting times:
Large Team Coaches Meeting= 8:00 AM
Small 1 Team Coaches Meeting= 10:45 AM
Medium Team Coaches Meeting= 1:30 PM
Small 2 Team Coaches Meeting= 4:15 PM

Additional information from the tournament manager

The announcement of awards and teams advancing to the State Finals will take place at each Sectional site at the conclusion of each Division.

OrderTeamReportTumblingFull MatPerform
1Plainfield (North) (Large Team)8:23 AM8:30 AM8:37 AM9:00 AM
2Granite City (Large Team)8:31 AM8:38 AM8:45 AM9:08 AM
3Plainfield (East) (Large Team)8:39 AM8:46 AM8:53 AM9:16 AM
4O'Fallon (H.S.) (Large Team)8:47 AM8:54 AM9:01 AM9:24 AM
5Minooka (Large Team)8:55 AM9:02 AM9:09 AM9:32 AM
6New Lenox (Lincoln-Way West) (Large Team)9:03 AM9:10 AM9:17 AM9:40 AM
7Plainfield (Central) (Large Team)9:11 AM9:18 AM9:25 AM9:48 AM
8New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central) (Large Team)9:19 AM9:26 AM9:33 AM9:56 AM
9Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) (Large Team)9:27 AM9:34 AM9:41 AM10:04 AM
10Edwardsville (H.S.) (Large Team)9:35 AM9:42 AM9:49 AM10:12 AM
11Yorkville (H.S.) (Large Team)9:43 AM9:50 AM9:57 AM10:20 AM
12Oswego (H.S.) (Large Team)9:51 AM9:58 AM10:05 AM10:28 AM
13Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) (Large Team)9:59 AM10:06 AM10:13 AM10:36 AM
14Oswego (East) (Large Team)10:07 AM10:14 AM10:21 AM10:44 AM
15Collinsville (Large Team)10:15 AM10:22 AM10:29 AM10:52 AM
16Belleville (West) (Large Team)10:23 AM10:30 AM10:37 AM11:00 AM
17Belleville (East) (Large Team)10:31 AM10:38 AM10:45 AM11:08 AM
Large Team AWARDS
18Jacksonville (Routt) (Small Team)11:09 AM11:16 AM11:23 AM11:46 AM
19Knoxville (Small Team)11:17 AM11:24 AM11:31 AM11:54 AM
20Bunker Hill (Small Team)11:25 AM11:32 AM11:39 AM12:02 PM
21Virden (North Mac) (Small Team)11:33 AM11:40 AM11:47 AM12:10 PM
22Kincaid (South Fork) (Small Team)11:41 AM11:48 AM11:55 AM12:18 PM
23Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) (Small Team)11:49 AM11:56 AM12:03 PM12:26 PM
24Greenville (Small Team)11:57 AM12:04 PM12:11 PM12:34 PM
25New Berlin (Small Team)12:05 PM12:12 PM12:19 PM12:42 PM
26Williamsville (Small Team)12:13 PM12:20 PM12:27 PM12:50 PM
27Waverly (Small Team)12:21 PM12:28 PM12:35 PM12:58 PM
28Wood River (East Alton-W.R.) (Small Team)12:29 PM12:36 PM12:43 PM1:06 PM
29Winchester (Small Team)12:37 PM12:44 PM12:51 PM1:14 PM
30Roxana (Small Team)12:45 PM12:52 PM12:59 PM1:22 PM
31Sherrard (Small Team)12:53 PM1:00 PM1:07 PM1:30 PM
32Macomb (Small Team)1:01 PM1:08 PM1:15 PM1:38 PM
Small Team AWARDS
33Mt. Vernon (H.S.) (Medium Team)1:47 PM1:54 PM2:01 PM2:24 PM
34Bethalto (Civic Memorial) (Medium Team)1:55 PM2:02 PM2:09 PM2:32 PM
35Troy (Triad) (Medium Team)2:03 PM2:10 PM2:17 PM2:40 PM
36Centralia (H.S.) (Medium Team)2:11 PM2:18 PM2:25 PM2:48 PM
37Evergreen Park (Medium Team)2:19 PM2:26 PM2:33 PM2:56 PM
38Highland (Medium Team)2:27 PM2:34 PM2:41 PM3:04 PM
39Peoria (H.S.) (Medium Team)2:35 PM2:42 PM2:49 PM3:12 PM
40Jacksonville (H.S.) (Medium Team)2:43 PM2:50 PM2:57 PM3:20 PM
41Mascoutah (Medium Team)2:51 PM2:58 PM3:05 PM3:28 PM
42Freeburg (Medium Team)2:59 PM3:06 PM3:13 PM3:36 PM
43Effingham (H.S.) (Medium Team)3:07 PM3:14 PM3:21 PM3:44 PM
44Charleston (Medium Team)3:15 PM3:22 PM3:29 PM3:52 PM
45Peoria (Notre Dame) (Medium Team)3:23 PM3:30 PM3:37 PM4:00 PM
46Columbia (Medium Team)3:31 PM3:38 PM3:45 PM4:08 PM
47Peoria (Richwoods) (Medium Team)3:39 PM3:46 PM3:53 PM4:16 PM
48Breese (Mater Dei) (Medium Team)3:47 PM3:54 PM4:01 PM4:24 PM
49Waterloo (H.S.) (Medium Team)3:55 PM4:02 PM4:09 PM4:32 PM
Medium Team AWARDS
50Sesser (S.-Valier) (Small Team-2)4:33 PM4:40 PM4:47 PM5:10 PM
51Metropolis (Massac County) (Small Team-2)4:41 PM4:48 PM4:55 PM5:18 PM
52Pinckneyville (Small Team-2)4:49 PM4:56 PM5:03 PM5:26 PM
53Trenton (Wesclin) (Small Team-2)4:57 PM5:04 PM5:11 PM5:34 PM
54Paris (Small Team-2)5:05 PM5:12 PM5:19 PM5:42 PM
55Goreville (Small Team-2)5:13 PM5:20 PM5:27 PM5:50 PM
56Lawrenceville (Small Team-2)5:21 PM5:28 PM5:35 PM5:58 PM
57Harrisburg (Small Team-2)5:29 PM5:36 PM5:43 PM6:06 PM
58Carterville (Small Team-2)5:37 PM5:44 PM5:51 PM6:14 PM
59Carlyle (Small Team-2)5:45 PM5:52 PM5:59 PM6:22 PM
60Breese (Central) (Small Team-2)5:53 PM6:00 PM6:07 PM6:30 PM
61Chester (Small Team-2)6:01 PM6:08 PM6:15 PM6:38 PM
62Woodlawn (Small Team-2)6:09 PM6:16 PM6:23 PM6:46 PM
63DuQuoin (H.S.) (Small Team-2)6:17 PM6:24 PM6:31 PM6:54 PM
64Nashville (Small Team-2)6:25 PM6:32 PM6:39 PM7:02 PM
Small Team-2 AWARDS

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