Competitive Cheerleading Preliminary Round Performance Order

Friday (Preliminary round)
Saturday (Final round)

IHSA Cheer State Final 2023

The State Final Friday performance order was determined by a formula determined prior to the start of the state series.

The top 10 teams in each Division advancing to Saturday's finals will be announced in a random order. The performance schedule for Saturday's final performances will be determined by a random computer selection.

OrderTeamReportTumblingFull MatPerform
1Oneida (ROWVA) (Small Team)8:19 AM8:27 AM8:35 AM9:00 AM
2Lake Villa (Lakes) (Medium Team)8:24 AM8:32 AM8:40 AM9:05 AM
3Wood River (East Alton-W.R.) (Small Team)8:29 AM8:37 AM8:45 AM9:10 AM
4Washington (Medium Team)8:34 AM8:42 AM8:50 AM9:15 AM
5Richmond (R.-Burton) (Small Team)8:39 AM8:47 AM8:55 AM9:20 AM
6Vernon Hills (Medium Team)8:44 AM8:52 AM9:00 AM9:25 AM
7Joliet (Catholic Academy) (Small Team)8:49 AM8:57 AM9:05 AM9:30 AM
8Oak Forest (Medium Team)8:54 AM9:02 AM9:10 AM9:35 AM
9Breese (Central) (Small Team)8:59 AM9:07 AM9:15 AM9:40 AM
10Waterloo (H.S.) (Medium Team)9:04 AM9:12 AM9:20 AM9:45 AM
11Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda) (Small Team)9:09 AM9:17 AM9:25 AM9:50 AM
12Chicago Heights (Marian) (Medium Team)9:14 AM9:22 AM9:30 AM9:55 AM
13Elmhurst (Timothy Christian) (Small Team)9:19 AM9:27 AM9:35 AM10:00 AM
14Chicago (Brooks) (Medium Team)9:24 AM9:32 AM9:40 AM10:05 AM
15Somonauk (Small Team)9:29 AM9:37 AM9:45 AM10:10 AM
16Evergreen Park (Medium Team)9:34 AM9:42 AM9:50 AM10:15 AM
17Lawrenceville (Small Team)9:39 AM9:47 AM9:55 AM10:20 AM
18Normal (University) (Medium Team)9:44 AM9:52 AM10:00 AM10:25 AM
19Knoxville (Small Team)9:49 AM9:57 AM10:05 AM10:30 AM
20Antioch (Medium Team)9:54 AM10:02 AM10:10 AM10:35 AM
21Beecher (Small Team)9:59 AM10:07 AM10:15 AM10:40 AM
22Arlington Heights (St. Viator) (Medium Team)10:04 AM10:12 AM10:20 AM10:45 AM
23Eureka (Small Team)10:09 AM10:17 AM10:25 AM10:50 AM
Officials break 10:55 AM to 11:00 AM
24Lisle (Benet Academy) (Medium Team)10:19 AM10:27 AM10:35 AM11:00 AM
25Breese (Mater Dei) (Small Team)10:24 AM10:32 AM10:40 AM11:05 AM
26Troy (Triad) (Medium Team)10:29 AM10:37 AM10:45 AM11:10 AM
27Poplar Grove (North Boone) (Small Team)10:34 AM10:42 AM10:50 AM11:15 AM
28Grayslake (North) (Medium Team)10:39 AM10:47 AM10:55 AM11:20 AM
29Columbia (Small Team)10:44 AM10:52 AM11:00 AM11:25 AM
30New Lenox (Providence Catholic) (Medium Team)10:49 AM10:57 AM11:05 AM11:30 AM
31Pontiac (Small Team)10:54 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM11:35 AM
32Wheaton (St. Francis) (Medium Team)10:59 AM11:07 AM11:15 AM11:40 AM
33Pinckneyville (Small Team)11:04 AM11:12 AM11:20 AM11:45 AM
34Effingham (H.S.) (Medium Team)11:09 AM11:17 AM11:25 AM11:50 AM
35Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) (Small Team)11:14 AM11:22 AM11:30 AM11:55 AM
36Lake Forest (H.S.) (Medium Team)11:19 AM11:27 AM11:35 AM12:00 PM
37Catlin (Salt Fork) (Small Team)11:24 AM11:32 AM11:40 AM12:05 PM
38Morris (Medium Team)11:29 AM11:37 AM11:45 AM12:10 PM
39Johnsburg (Small Team)11:34 AM11:42 AM11:50 AM12:15 PM
40Crystal Lake (Central) (Medium Team)11:39 AM11:47 AM11:55 AM12:20 PM
41Carterville (Small Team)11:44 AM11:52 AM12:00 PM12:25 PM
42Bloomington (H.S.) (Medium Team)11:49 AM11:57 AM12:05 PM12:30 PM
43Rockford (Lutheran) (Small Team)11:54 AM12:02 PM12:10 PM12:35 PM
44Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge) (Medium Team)11:59 AM12:07 PM12:15 PM12:40 PM
45Fithian (Oakwood) (Small Team)12:04 PM12:12 PM12:20 PM12:45 PM
46Lemont (H.S.) (Medium Team)12:09 PM12:17 PM12:25 PM12:50 PM
47Elgin (St. Edward) (Small Team)12:14 PM12:22 PM12:30 PM12:55 PM
48Cary (C.-Grove) (Medium Team)12:19 PM12:27 PM12:35 PM1:00 PM
49Wilmington (Small Team)12:24 PM12:32 PM12:40 PM1:05 PM
50Burlington (Central) (Medium Team)12:29 PM12:37 PM12:45 PM1:10 PM
51Normal (Community West) (Medium Team)12:34 PM12:42 PM12:50 PM1:15 PM
Small/Medium Awards
Large/Coed Performances
52Barrington (Large Team)2:49 PM2:57 PM3:05 PM3:30 PM
53Fox Lake (Grant) (Coed Team)2:54 PM3:02 PM3:10 PM3:35 PM
54Tinley Park (Andrew) (Large Team)2:59 PM3:07 PM3:15 PM3:40 PM
55Burbank (Reavis) (Coed Team)3:04 PM3:12 PM3:20 PM3:45 PM
56Lake Zurich (Large Team)3:09 PM3:17 PM3:25 PM3:50 PM
57Winnetka (New Trier) (Coed Team)3:14 PM3:22 PM3:30 PM3:55 PM
58Schaumburg (H.S.) (Large Team)3:19 PM3:27 PM3:35 PM4:00 PM
59Hoffman Estates (Conant) (Coed Team)3:24 PM3:32 PM3:40 PM4:05 PM
60Edwardsville (H.S.) (Large Team)3:29 PM3:37 PM3:45 PM4:10 PM
61Oswego (H.S.) (Coed Team)3:34 PM3:42 PM3:50 PM4:15 PM
62Downers Grove (North) (Large Team)3:39 PM3:47 PM3:55 PM4:20 PM
63LaGrange (Lyons) (Coed Team)3:44 PM3:52 PM4:00 PM4:25 PM
64Park Ridge (Maine South) (Large Team)3:49 PM3:57 PM4:05 PM4:30 PM
65Northbrook (Glenbrook North) (Coed Team)3:54 PM4:02 PM4:10 PM4:35 PM
66Wheaton (North) (Large Team)3:59 PM4:07 PM4:15 PM4:40 PM
67Palatine (Fremd) (Coed Team)4:04 PM4:12 PM4:20 PM4:45 PM
68Joliet (West) (Large Team)4:09 PM4:17 PM4:25 PM4:50 PM
69Romeoville (H.S.) (Coed Team)4:14 PM4:22 PM4:30 PM4:55 PM
70Hampshire (Large Team)4:19 PM4:27 PM4:35 PM5:00 PM
71South Elgin (Coed Team)4:24 PM4:32 PM4:40 PM5:05 PM
72Arlington Heights (Hersey) (Large Team)4:29 PM4:37 PM4:45 PM5:10 PM
73Skokie (Niles North) (Coed Team)4:34 PM4:42 PM4:50 PM5:15 PM
74Naperville (Neuqua Valley) (Large Team)4:39 PM4:47 PM4:55 PM5:20 PM
75Lombard (Glenbard East) (Coed Team)4:44 PM4:52 PM5:00 PM5:25 PM
76New Lenox (Lincoln-Way West) (Large Team)4:49 PM4:57 PM5:05 PM5:30 PM
77Highland (Coed Team)4:54 PM5:02 PM5:10 PM5:35 PM
Officials break 5:40 PM to 5:45 PM
78Carpentersville (Dundee-Crown) (Large Team)5:04 PM5:12 PM5:20 PM5:45 PM
79Belvidere (North) (Coed Team)5:09 PM5:17 PM5:25 PM5:50 PM
80Lockport (Twp.) (Large Team)5:14 PM5:22 PM5:30 PM5:55 PM
81Palos Heights (Shepard) (Coed Team)5:19 PM5:27 PM5:35 PM6:00 PM
82Elmhurst (York) (Large Team)5:24 PM5:32 PM5:40 PM6:05 PM
83Hoffman Estates (H.S.) (Coed Team)5:29 PM5:37 PM5:45 PM6:10 PM
84Minooka (Large Team)5:34 PM5:42 PM5:50 PM6:15 PM
85Aurora (Metea Valley) (Coed Team)5:39 PM5:47 PM5:55 PM6:20 PM
86Algonquin (Jacobs) (Large Team)5:44 PM5:52 PM6:00 PM6:25 PM
87Libertyville (Coed Team)5:49 PM5:57 PM6:05 PM6:30 PM
88Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) (Large Team)5:54 PM6:02 PM6:10 PM6:35 PM
89Flossmoor (Homewood-F.) (Coed Team)5:59 PM6:07 PM6:15 PM6:40 PM
90Chicago (Marist) (Large Team)6:04 PM6:12 PM6:20 PM6:45 PM
91Buffalo Grove (Coed Team)6:09 PM6:17 PM6:25 PM6:50 PM
92Plainfield (East) (Large Team)6:14 PM6:22 PM6:30 PM6:55 PM
93O'Fallon (H.S.) (Coed Team)6:19 PM6:27 PM6:35 PM7:00 PM
94Machesney Park (Harlem) (Large Team)6:24 PM6:32 PM6:40 PM7:05 PM
95Huntley (Coed Team)6:29 PM6:37 PM6:45 PM7:10 PM
96New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central) (Large Team)6:34 PM6:42 PM6:50 PM7:15 PM
97Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) (Coed Team)6:39 PM6:47 PM6:55 PM7:20 PM
98Lincolnshire (Stevenson) (Large Team)6:44 PM6:52 PM7:00 PM7:25 PM
99Elk Grove Village (E.G.) (Coed Team)6:49 PM6:57 PM7:05 PM7:30 PM
100Orland Park (Sandburg) (Large Team)6:54 PM7:02 PM7:10 PM7:35 PM
101Palatine (H.S.) (Coed Team)6:59 PM7:07 PM7:15 PM7:40 PM

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